RV Regelventil


The volume flow regulating unit type RV is built for usage as regulating valve for liquid and gaseous mediums in closed and filled systems. It is available in sizes from DN50 up to DN300. The control sleeve, which is located in the valve housing, is driven by an eccentric. It can be stopped in any position and then moves on or opposite. The positioning time is depending on the version about 90 to 180 seconds. The valve housing is made of steel and the cylinder sleeve as well as the cylinder barrel are made of red brass.  The unit is also available with a stainless steel cylinder sleeve and cylinder barrel. The electrical drive and the electronics of the control valve are supplied from an intrinsically safe 12V power supply. The regulating valve can be opened up to a max. Δ?p of 25 bar or with an additional gearboxup to max. Δ?p of 40 bar.

The valve positioning signal is transmitted through a 0/4 to 20 mA signal or a current signal of max. 5 V. Additionally, a digital signal with a band width of 5 Hz to 15 Hz is available.
Both end position of the control unit “OPEN” and “CLOSE”, are provided as a potential free relay output inside the terminal box.
For the drive and fault clearance purposes, the potential free contact at the potential free optocoupler must be used.
If a power failure occurs, the control valve can be opened or closed manually with the hand wheel located at the top of the drive unit. To avoid damage during transportation, the hand wheel is not mounted.


Manual and Model Key      



Env. Temperature:


Cylinder sleeve:

Nominal Voltage:

Manipulating Time:

Transmission of position:

Signal Output:


I M2 EEx ib I

IBExU 06 ATEX 1107

-20 to +60 °C

welded steel contruction

Brass, stainless steel as an option

12V DC / 1,4A (Ui=12,8V / Ii=2,0A)

90 - 180 Seconds (depending on edition)

0/4 - 20mA
5 - 15 Hz
* - * V (max. 5V DC)

Mailfunction        potential free optokoupler     Ui=18,97V
Valve “closed”    potential free changer            Ui=28,0V, Ii=0,5A
Valve “open”  potential free changer            Ui=28,0V, Ii=0,5A
Position default
active              potential free optocoupler     Ui=18,97V