SMALL-Ex® Temperaturmessung


he measuring system is constructed for force control monitoring (conveyor belt systems/energy trains). Two measuring units can be utilized to monitor belt tracking on conveyor belt drive systems.  The force control unit utilizes the SMALL-Ex® measuring system, which is integrated into the force control unit and is capable of accurately measuring forces up to 20 tons (kN). In the area of transmission reading several output signals are available. You can choose between 5 to 15 Hz, 0 to 20 mA as well as 4 to 20 mA or a voltage up to 10 V, at a power supply of min. 7.5 V DC. These signals are transmitted as analogous signals. In addition  we offer this measuring instrument also with a CAN-BUS option.






Env. Tempemperature:

Housing Material:

Gauge Accuracy:


Illuminated Display:


Output Signal:

Nominal Voltage:

I Ex ia I Ma
Ex ia I Ma
PO Ex ia I Ma X

BVS 06 ATEX E005 X
IECEx BVS 09.0056X
IECEx TSA 13.0023X
MSHA 18-ISA 150004-0
TC RU C-DE.MЮ62.B.03774
MA J2012330, J2012329

-50 to +100 °C bei Gruppe I
-50 to +80 °C bei Gruppe II

Painted Steel

+/- 0,5% from end-value (higher accuracy on request)

at monorails or at conveyor belts


to; kN; % (other units on reauest)

5 - 15Hz
0/4 - 20mA
* - **V (max. 10 V DC, at min. 7,5V power supply)

12V DC (7,5 – 14,0 V DC) 3-wiring technology
16V DC (9,6 – 16,1 V DC) 3-wiring technology
24V DC (14 – 26,6 V DC) 2-wiring technology