DA / DAK Flow Indicator / Switch


The intrinsically safe flow indicator type DA and type DAK can be mounted in any position and monitors the flow of water as well as emulsion in closed an filled systems. The volume flow will be shown as analogous display.

The fow indicator type DA is for monitoring use only, whereas the flow indicator type DAK has a contact boundary switch integrated for monitoring. Inside of the massive brass housing, a contact breaker is fitted to the volume dial. The lower and upper boundaries can be externally adjusted over the whole range of the dial using the key, which is delivered with the unit.
In addition, the flow indicator can be equipped  with different electrical wirings and connections, e.g. with resistors for cable  monitoring.



Environmental Temperature:  

Housing Material :    

Gauge Accuracy:                           



Nominal Voltage:                           

Circuit Durability:               



I M2 Ex ia I
PO Ex ia I Ma X

DMT 03 ATEX E 080
TC RU C-DE.MЮ62.B.03774

-20 to +60 C (-4 bis +140 F)

Brass MS58 / Red Brass RG7

3,0 % from end-value

water as well as emulsion

l/min ; m/h ; gpm (other units on request)

0 - 24 V DC

2,0 A bei 0 - 12 V
1,0 A bei 12 - 24 V