SMALL-Ex® Volume Flow Measuring


The measuring instruments are designed for use in filled systems with water or emulsion. Depending on the design or application, the measuring instruments can be designed for system pressures up to 400 bar. For flow measurement of oil we designed the instrument-series SMALL-Ex® ViscoFlow.

The volume flow measuring instruments can be optionally equipped with a self-illuminated display. For versions with integrated pressure or temperature measurement, up to 3 displays are installed.

For a better opportunity to use the measuring instrument can be designed with a stepped sensor. The sensor is in a separate housing and is connected with a cable to the evaluting unit which can be equipped with a display.

At the volume flow measuring instruments SMALL-Ex® the be measured liquid medium flows through a defined housing bore and set the turbine in motion. The turbine is equipped with five sealed magnet. These magnetic fieds are reported by an inductive, non-contact sensor to the electronics and evaluated there. The flow direction is not relevant for these volume flow measuring instruments.
A variety of mechanical connections are available, such as different threads, staple lock, flange, Victaulic-system or SAE-flange. Due to the construction of the nominal widths DN20 to DN32 several instruments of this size can be mounted together to built a unit.







Env. Tempemperature:

Housing Material:

Gauge Accuracy:


Illuminated Display:


Output Signal:


I Ex ia I Ma
Ex ia I Ma
PO Ex ia I Ma X

BVS 06 ATEX E005 X
IECEx BVS 09.0056X
IECEx TSA 13.0023X
MSHA 18-ISA 150004-0
TC RU C-DE.MЮ62.B.03774
MA J2012330, J2012329

-50 to +100 °C bei Gruppe I
-50 to +80 °C bei Gruppe II

Stainless Steel, Steel, brass (depending on type)

+/- 0,5% from end-value (higher accuracy on request)

filtered water as well as emulsion up to max. 5%


l/min; m³/h; gpm (other units on reauest)

5 - 15Hz
0/4 - 20mA
* - **V (max. 10 V DC, at min. 7,5V power supply)

12V DC (7,5 – 14,0 V DC) 3-Leiter Technik
16V DC (9,6 – 16,1 V DC) 3-Leiter Technik
24V DC (14 – 26,6 V DC) 2-Leiter Technik