SMALL-Ex® Oil Flow “ViscoFlow”


SMALL-Ex® Measuring Instruments are intrinsically safe volume flow measuring instruments for pure oil. In the volume flow measuring instrument is an arrangement of gears, whose revolutions are counted by a impulse sensor. They can be  equipped with integrated pressure and/or temperature measuring sensors.
 The volume flow will transmitted as analogous signal with a signal range of 5-15 Hz,  0/4-20 mA, *-** V (max. 10 V DC; at a power supply of min. 7.5 V DC) or CAN-Bus. Also possible is a „pulse output“, up to max. 1kHz at which the volume can be counted because a defined amount of oil flows through the device per pulse.
The volume flow measuring instrument for oil can be used as an instantaneous display of liters per minute or impluse output as „counting“.

The oil is passed through gear-wheels so per count, a defined amount of oil flows. Thus, the instrument is independent of viscosities or temperetures. This value will be transmitted via an arbitrary signal and also optionally displayed in the illuminated display on site.
This measuring instrument can be used e.g. in hydraulic systems up to 400 bar for measurement of pump performance or (the impulse version) for displacement measurement of hydraulic cylinders.







Env. Tempemperature:

Housing Material:

Gauge Accuracy:


Illuminated Display:


Output Signal:


I Ex ia I Ma
Ex ia I Ma
PO Ex ia I Ma X

BVS 06 ATEX E005 X
IECEx BVS 09.0056X
IECEx TSA 13.0023X
MSHA 18-ISA 150004-0
TC RU C-DE.MЮ62.B.03774
MA J2012330, J2012329

-50 to +100 °C bei Gruppe I
-50 to +80 °C bei Gruppe II

Stainless Steel, Cast Iron(depending on type)

+/- 0,5% from end-value (higher accuracy on request)

pure oil, fuel


l/min; l/sec; gpm (other units on reauest)

5 - 15Hz
0/4 - 20mA
* - **V (max. 10 V DC, at min. 7,5V power supply)
pulse output up to 1 kHz

12V DC (7,5 – 14,0 V DC) 3-wiring technology
16V DC (9,6 – 16,1 V DC) 3-wiring technology
24V DC (14 – 26,6 V DC) 2-wiring technology