SIMPL-Ex® pressure Instrument

The SIMPL-Ex® pressure measuring instruments are made for use at shield supports. Based on the simple construction with high robustness, it is available with individual customers equipment at a very low price level. An individual mass product build to the highest standards.

Through the usage of a state-of-the-art technology in the field of electronics, which is based on the proven electronics of the measuring instrument series SMALL-Ex®, a processor is used for evaluating the signals instead of conventional potentiometers. The calibration occurs by a specially developed software. Due to this fact, a high measuring accuracy and repeatability can be achieved. The usage of the measuring instruments at different temperatures does not affect the measuring values.

To increase the interaction of experience, electronics and construction as well as the use of high-quality components and materials, the operational reliability is significant and thus ideally suited for use in very rough and tough environments such as water or hydraulic systems.


I M1 Ex ia I Ma
Ex ia I Ma


IBExU 13 ATEX 1110X
IECEx IBE 13.0039

Env. Tempemperature

-50 to +100 °C

Housing material

Stainless steel

Gauge accuracy

+/- 2% from end value


liquid and gassy media

Illuminated Display

not possible


Output signal

0/4 – 20mA
* – **V (max. 10 V DC, at min. 7,5V power supply)

Nominal voltage

12V DC (7,5 – 14,0 V DC) 3-wiring technology
16V DC (9,6 – 16,1 V DC) 3-wiring technology


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This is what one of our displays for our MAGIN-EX® measurement device series looks like.

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